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Studying ? (WMatsui)

A/N : First of all, no , I have not forgotten the requests you all asked . Second of all , I want to apologise being on an accidental hiatus these past few days . Some stuff came up and yeah, I’m gonna be starting my final year papers soon . /sobsob
Second thing , this fanfiction contains rated things . So little kiddies , please be warned :D

Without further ado , lovely readers (:

Studying ?

Rena peeked into the room, her eyes inspecting every inch in search of a certain fifteen year old girl.

‘I like this game.’ Somebody suddenly popped up behind her and leaned on Rena’s back.

‘What the, Jurina! You gave me a fright. Aren’t you supposed to be inside?’ Rena turned around and Jurind detached herself from the older girl. ‘You should be studying. Jurina mama asked me to keep an eye on you to ensure that you’re doing your work.’

Rena’s persistent nagging made Jurina yawn as the younger girl stretched her arms and lazily dropped them around Rena’s shoulders. ‘I’m just taking a break, Rena-chan~’

Rena frowned and led the both of them back inside Jurina’s room. ‘Studying is boring, I want to play.’

‘Jurina is fifteen already,’ Rena giggled and patted Jurina’s bobbing head. ‘You shoul act more mature for our SKE kouhai.’

Jurina’s laugh tinkled around Rena’s ears and reached her insides feeling it up with warmth and fondness. Jurina casually laid back and states up at the ceiling. Her arms upwards as if reaching for something but instead, clasped it around Rena’s hands.

‘Still, I still have the mind of a young girl.’ Jurina’s dimpled grin made Rena’s heart race a little bit faster and she blushed. Although she should have been used to it by now, her body betrays her and let slip of how, and when, the young girl makes her fall again and again for the young beauty.

‘Well then, back to work!’ Jurina jumped up in excitement and headed back to her study desk. The moment she reached the table, the room was filled with her groans.

‘Science. I hate scienceeeeee.’

Jurina turned around and pouted cutely tempting the older girl tI approach her. Which she did. Jurina held out her hand but instead, Rena enveloped the younger girl in a hug. She caressed the soft back and Jurina laid down near the nape of her milky neck.

Rena half waddled, half limped to the bed dragging Jurina. She say them down and released Jurina. ‘I think it’s time for you to de-stress. Ne, Jurina.’

Jurina nodded sympathetically and pursed her lips. She had expected Rena to push her face away but instead met with a warm, wet sensation on her lips. She opened one eye and was happy to find Rena kissing her back.

“Such a rare occurance.” Jurina thought. Her excitement steadily grew as she felt her arms being trailed up and down by none other than Rena’ hand. Her breathing hitched up and goosebumps formed under the touch.

Rena broke the kiss and stated deeply into Jurina’s puppy eyes. Without breaking contact, she softly pushed the younger girl to lie down. Jurina happily complied and can’t help but to show her adorable dimples, flattering the older girl to no extent.

Rena tucked the loose strand of hairs momentarily covering the innocent face as Jurina looked up at her expectedly. ‘Beautiful.’

And beautiful it was as Rena observed the younger girls pretty feature under the light glow of the angelic lights. Her hands, done tucking in the mischievous hair, inconcsiously lowered themselves towards Jurina’s cheeks, and down to her naturally puckering lips.

She touched the warm lips and outlined the main entrance. Jurina shivered under the touches but allowed Rena to continue, still keeping their eyes locked to each other. Rena didn’t realize it but by now, her own lips were only inches away from Jurina’s. Their bodies were closely pressed together as Jurina graciously wrapped her arms around Rena’s slender waist.

‘May I?’ Rena shyly asked, her eyes now casting intensely at Jurina’s lips. Jurina gave no answer as she raised her right hand behind Rena’s head and lowered it gently, finally
meeting each other. Jurina leaned in to the kiss, her whole head already lifting up from the pillow while her hand pressed gently but persistently. 

Ah, yabai. Rena furrowed her eyebrows as the pool of need in her stomach deepened and was soon struggling to hold back a moan. She bit unto Jurina’s lips and the younger girl immediately allowed entrance. The first collision of their tongues sent Rena a tingle right down to her core. She wrapped her own moist muscle around the younger girl, surprised by how dominating she was acting on Jurina. She poked and explored every corner of Jurina’s warm and wet cave and Jurina tightened her hold.

Finally, Rena relented and let out a low moan. Jurina peeked out and saw Rena’s flushed face near to her. Jurina pushed Rena away and surveyed the adorably horny look on the older girl’s face.

‘Ehh, Rena! Are you okay?’ Jurina asked.

‘Ah… haah, hahh.’ Rena panted out. ‘Y-you see, as we grows older, we develop certain feelings for people. And… needs form inside of us.’

Rena blushed and crossed her legs, hoping to relieve the feeling between her legs. She didn’t continue with her explanation as she once again tipped her head down. She applied light kisses on Jurina’s sensitive neck and the younger girl gasped. Both her hand shot up to Rena’s head in shock as she guided the girl down. Rena, nipped and sucked on Jurina’s soft skin, enjoying the taste. 

Rena’s hand went lower down as it reached Jurina’s stomach. She lifted up the hindering shirt and stroked Jurina’s flat stomach. Jurina giggled from the ticklish sensation but her laugh turned into a gasp as the hands boldly went up higher and higher to her chest. 

‘They’ve been growing well.’ Rena smiled at Jurina and lifted up her shirt completely, throwing Jurina completely off the hook. ‘Ah, cute! Ribbons!’

Rena squealed and spazzed, but nonetheless continued on. She fondled Jurina’s mounds through the fabric as Jurina felt her head explode from the unbelievable sensation. Rena lifted up the bra and exposed the bare chest. Jurina blushed and looked away as Rena continued to stare in awe.

She excitedly touch the tip which immediately hardened under her touch. Rena smiled widely and pressed her cheeks on Jurina’s bare breast.



‘A happy one.’

Rena placed her mouth on the hardened nub and sucked on them. She used her tongue to press down on the tip while her left hand handled the other mound. Her tongue massaged the nipple and licked around the area earning an impressive moan from Jurina who immediately covered her mouth. ‘It’s okay, let it out.’

Rena went up and continued to kiss the younger girl to surpress the moaning. Her left hand continued on fondling the soft mounds as it tweaked and massaged her breast. During that time, she felt Jurina slide her legs between Rena’s legs, pressing near her middle. Rena softly gasped and her face scrunched up as she realised how much she’s been holding it in. Her hips rocked slowly against Jurina’s legs and Rena bit her own lips, her eyes closing.


Rena guided Jurina’s hand down to her own lower torso and stopped at her inner thighs. She gave a glazed look to Jurina and the younger girl was surprised to see a different emotion conveyed in the older girl’s eyes. The dilated pupils and red cheeks was somewhat new to Jurina and the teenager wanted to absorb it all in. Her hands started acting on her own while staring at Rena, stroking the inner part. She arrived at the waist line and promptly gave a tug down, indicating that she wants the short off.

Rena chuckled at Jurina’s impatient tugs and wiggled out of her shorts and even tossed away her shirt. Sitting on top of Jurina and showing of her curvaceous body, Jurina couldn’t help but say, ‘I’m so lucky. Sexy.’

Rena shook her head and resisted the urge to comment on Jurina’s body which can be at par with her own. She didn’t want to be called a pedophile.

‘Let’s switch positions!’


Rena laid down, her hair sprawling behind her and her skin glowing with radiance. 

‘Mine. All mine!’ Jurina cackled and her hand dove straight to Rena’s core. She slipped her hand inside Rena’s underwear, her fingers feeling the heat emmiting from Rena. Rena tightly shut her eyes and wearily nodded for Jurina to continue. 

Being her first time, Jurina wanted to thoroughly try out all the different techniques and methods. She squirmed and wriggled her hands getting used to the unfamiliar situation. The back of her hand brushed against Rena’s hard clit and the older girl moan loudly. Jurina was surprised and repeated her action, this time using her palms. She used her index finger and rubbed the hardened nub deftly earning a few erotic moans from Rena.

Jurina’s face turned hot and she urged Rena to make more sounds. She replaced her finger with her thumb, rolling it a few times. Her other fingers explored deeper until it reached Rena’s entrance. Jurina stopped and gave a cautious poke at the hole.

‘J-Jurina,’ Rena breathed out and squeezed her legs, trapping jurina’s fingers between them. Jurina moved her fingers and in one swift move, inserted a single digit inside Rena. ‘Uwaa!’

Soon, the room was filled with loud moans as the perpetrator thrashed around the bed her emotions overflowing. Her mind blanked out as Jurina pumped her fingers in and out of her, slowly at first but adapting to the rhythm quickly. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, Jurina never fails to keep Rena on the edge and to top it off, her thumb amusing Rena’s hard mound. At one moment, she pressed down on the nub and stroke the velvety walls of Rena’s core and Rena almost exploded.

‘Jurina, faster.’ Rena panted out and pulled Jurina closer to her body, her heavy head laying down on Jurina’s perspiring neck. ‘I’m.. I’m almost- HNG!’

With one final stroke, Rena was sent to the edge. Her vision blurred and whitened as her head descended to the clouds. Her body jerked up from the impact and Jurina anxiously caught her as she went back down. 

Bathing in the afterglow, Rena couldn’t help but to notice Jurina’s worried expression. ‘Was it bad?’

‘Jurina’s the best.’ Rena exhaustedly replied and kissed the younger girl’s forehead.

‘Yosh! I feel so relaxed now!’

Rena grin wryly as fatigue caught up to her and the last thing she saw was Jurina racing to her study table.


I’m terribly sorry once again . hope you enjoyed this :d

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